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Office of the General Counsel

District Policies and Administrative Regulations

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This table contains links to the district's policies and regulations, grouped by series. They start with the 1000 series and end with the 9000 series.
Board Policies Administrative Regulations
1000 Community Policies 1000 Community Regulations
2000 Student Policies 2000 Student Regulations
3000 Board of Trustees Policies 3000 Board of Trustees Regulations
4000 Administration Policies 4000 Administration Regulations
5000 Faculty Policies 5000 Faculty Regulations
6000 Classified Personnel Policies 6000 Classified Personnel Regulations
7000 Instruction Policies 7000 Instruction Regulations
8000 Business Policies 8000 Business Regulations
9000 Management and Confidential Personnel Policies 9000 Management and Confidential Personnel Regulations

Updating Policies and Regulations

The Vetting Process

District Policies and Regulations are periodically updated to clarify or change procedures as well as to stay in compliance with new or revised California and Federal law. The District reviews its Policies and Regulations regularly to ensure they are appropriately updated. Any of the constituencies of the District may propose changes to the Policies and Regulations. Proposed changes are reviewed by the General Counsel and then vetted through the District's participatory governance process. Quarterly, the Board of Trustees and other constituents are advised as to what Policies and Regulations are under review, are in the process of revision, or have recently been revised.

Typically, the General Counsel brings the proposed changes to the monthly meetings of the VPAs, VPIs and VPSSs for review, approval and/or revision. Where Policies or Regulations affect matters within the purview of the Academic Senate and/or students, they are vetted with the Academic Senate and/or the Student Advisory Counsel. The next step of the process entails review by the Chancellor's executive staff. After approval by the Chancellor's executive staff, the Chancellor's Cabinet reviews the proposed new Policy or Regulation. Changes to a Regulation become effective once they are presented to the Cabinet, but changes to a Policy continue to the Board of Trustees for first reading and become effective upon the Board's approval.

Policies and Regulations on issues that are reserved by law, Collective Bargaining, or agreement for negotiation, or that may be the responsibility of other groups, are not vetted through this process. Where immediate change to a Policy or Regulation is required, interim guidelines may be issued.

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